Murder case, Lübcke : Accused had 46 guns.

The abduction of so far, it was said, the alleged murderer of Walter Lübcke and two possible accomplices, had five firearms. There were, however, very much more.

In the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke, the police discovered, according to the daily mirror, far more weapons than previously known. In the case of the three accused, a total of 46 firearms had been found, informed the Federal Ministry of the interior now on a Little request of the Left-Deputy Martin Renner and her group .

The “forensic investigation and legal classification” to take russkaja. The same is true for other items such as China, firecrackers, knives, and sport bows. Open the sites does not respond, the Ministry wants to identify tactical reasons .

So far, only had become public that the police will make an Erddepot download on 15. June arrested the neo-Nazis, Stephan Ernst, five weapons-fetched had. Including .38 caliber, with the Lübcke was in the turret, on 2 the. June was shot and killed in front of his home in the North Hessian wolf Hagen .

In the in the Depot in the bus, a shotgun and a machine gun of Israeli fire Uzi. Seriously, had admitted to the murder of the Kassel government President and the police to the hideout led, recanted later, however, his confession.

The abduction of 30 searches in the murder case, Lübcke.

In the case of the two accused is the on 27. June arrested right-wing extremists, Markus, H., and Elmar J. The Federal Prosecutor accuses the men of aid to the murder of Walter Lübcke before. Markus, H. should have made Stephan, Ernst the contact to the arms dealer, Elmar J., .

Elmar J. should have sold in 2016, later to become the murder weapon et Stephan Ernst,. Of the total of 46 seizures of weapons on the three suspects split up, in the answer to the left group of ladies.

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Murder case, Lübcke Search resounding Silence of the Union.

In the case of the investigation into the murder of Lübcke, according to the Ministry, so far, 30 searches, nine of them with the consent of the person Concerned. The raids took place in the period from 8. June to the 19th century. There, instead. Searches objects in the state of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg were .

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