HomeworkMarket – The Good, strong candidate should not undergo this type of procedure, the need for a second hearing “- pointed.

THE head of the delegation in the EP Andrzej Halicki told a press conference that it was a good day, because Poland will have a Commissioner. Agriculture. “This is a very important area. Well, this process is ended. It is a pity that for the first time since 2004. With such a course of obstacles, with repetitions. (…) The Good, strong candidate should not undergo this type of procedure, the need for a second hearing “- pointed. He stressed that the declarations Wojciechowski during the second hearing was “more expressive”. He also expressed his hope to cooperate with his office. “It seems that it is also the duty of the Commissioner to use the ability to build cooperation and effectiveness when it comes to achieving goals that presented. They themselves did not follow through. This collaboration is simply needed” – pointed. Halicki said that his group of MEPs will surely settle Wojciechowski of activities for EU agriculture. Janusz Kalinowski (PSL) he estimated that Wojciechowski learned from the first hearing. “He admitted that it was too vague and did not provide content that MPs expected. This week has used well, “- said the MEP at a joint conference with Halicki. The decision was preceded by coordinators Tuesday hearing. Wojciechowski spoke among others, that he is ready to stand up to other members of the European Commission, to anyone who wants to disturb European farmers; I will defend a strong agricultural budget – declared. The second hearing Polish candidate was considered by some MEPs to be more specific than that of last week. “We would like to thank Mr Wojciechowski for the answers, but that they have become much more concrete than during the hearing last week,” – said the head of the EP agriculture committee, German MEP of the European People’s Party Norbert Nils. Positive about the course of hearing also spoke Dacian Ciolos, the head of the faction Renew Europe. Not everyone, however, MEPs were satisfied with the responses received. “It is not this clarifies what I mean” – assessed the German MEP from the EPP Mortler Marlene, who asked about the so-called Pole. nationalization of the Common Agricultural Policy by the Member States. The candidate said that last week he got “a clear and correct signal” that the next European Commission, MEPs expect not only openness to dialogue, but above all, decisive actions. “I am ready for such acts. Any rural areas, agriculture lie deep in my heart” – assured Wojciechowski, indicating that although he is not a farmer, but I grew up on a farm and knows their parents work in the fields. From Brussels Lukasz Osinski (PAP) Luo / jo / penalties / In a statement on Thursday served notice deputy spokesman disciplinary judges of courts of general jurisdiction judge Przemyslaw Radzik announced that it has completed the disciplinary proceedings and referred to the Disciplinary Court at the Court of Appeal in Wroclaw for adjudication of disciplinary judge of the District Court for Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda. According Radzik, the judge failed Frackowiak dignity of the office by the misuse of aid granted to use her medical certificate of incapacity for work by taking part in the trip to Denmark, in December 2018, organized by the Association of Polish Judges “Justice and Peace” in order to meet with members of the local associations of judges. As deputy spokesman added, in disciplinary proceedings it established that the indication of sick leave preclude physical activity Frackowiak judge during the period of incapacity for pracy.zobacz well: There will be no penalties for judges and Groat Frackowiak for his performance on Pol’and’Rock »In the opinion Radzik, Poznań judge breached the statutory “duty to act in accordance with the judge’s oath, including in particular the obligation to uphold the law and guided by the principles of dignity and honesty in service and beyond, it is behavior aimed at discrediting the dignity of the judge and violating rules of professional ethics.” In view of Judge Monica Frackowiak they are also conducted other disciplinary proceedings, including those relating to exceeding the statutory deadlines for the preparation of reasons. In mid-June Chamber of Labor and Social Security of the Supreme Court asked the European Court of Justice five questions relating, among others, to rule on the admissibility status of the person appointed to the Supreme Court judges. These questions have emerged on the occasion of the case brought by the judge Frackowiak. In May served as “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the judge demands to recognize that Judge John Majchrowski of the Disciplinary Chamber is not in official judge SN ratio. The judge in Frąckowiak It stated that the announcement of President Andrew Duda vacancies of judges in June last year, which initiated the establishment of the judge Majchrowski, did not contain the required countersignature of the Prime Minister. As a result – according to Poznan Judge – further proceedings and, consequently, competition Majchrowski appointment is invalid. Preliminary questions arose in connection with the recognition application for injunction in a case of establishing non-official Supreme Court appointed a judge in 2018. By the President at the request of the National Judicial Council. Robert slot for hazards they are waiting for the start-up / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document. “script”, “VT-SDK”)); / ** / A spokeswoman for the Law and Justice was questioned by journalists in the Sejm, or real are media reports that the leadership of the PiS government and is considered the resignation of the minister Zalewska. “On this point we are not talking at all, at least in the group in which I participated,” – said Mazurek.Zapewniła that “the PiS government is not indifferent to the needs of schools and teachers.” “We understand their expectations and we meet the conversations that are ongoing. Let’s wait for the result of these talks, because we know that they are to be April 1,” – she said a spokeswoman for the Law and Justice. “We are aware that teachers deserve to earn more. These money they are successively transferred. However, in the moment of what the government says, we can not afford it, to the amount by which the teachers say, once paid, “- said Mazurek. “It’s not that we do not do anything, we talk, we support, in so far as we allow the possibility of budget” – dodała.Rzeczniczka Justice found that the Polish Teachers’ Union did not protest when – as she said – “were liquidated schools and teachers lost work. ” “In contrast, I wonder one thing, which the state can say, on the sidelines of whether the activity of the head of the PNA Mr. Slawomir Broniarz is not tied to that end he now term and wants to re-apply for re-election? These are your suggestions, which sounded the parliamentary corridors and I would like to also referred to this “- said a spokeswoman PiS.Dopytywana, whether teachers” are the driving nose, “Justice spokeswoman said that teachers deserve support and get such support. “I suppose if the budget ours was much more roomy, these expectations at this point would be fulfilled. I believe that in this moment, in which we are, the most important is to seamlessly cunning exams for young people, and let us do everything, all that to such a situation that will prevent the conduct of these examinations is not there “- said Mazurek.” I believe that teachers striving for increases in their salaries, will also take into account the future of children, safety and peace of mind of parents, “- he added a spokeswoman PiS.Dziennikarze also asked about Mazurka speculation about the resignation of finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska. “This is a rumor, it has already been denied, I have the information from your Czerwińska, or anyone with representatives of the government or the prime minister did not hear” – powiedziała.Na question if at all in the near future is under consideration of the government reconstruction Mazurek said that it is not is the question to her, because it is not the government spokesman. “I am in talks on reconstruction do not participate, I have not heard anything about it, that such reconstruction was to be carried out,” – he said a spokeswoman PiS.Od March 5 takes a strike referendum organized by the Association of Polish Teachers in the framework of the collective dispute. It will last until March 25. It takes place in all schools and institutions, which in the context of a collective dispute mediation stage ended without reaching an agreement as to the claim for increase of salaries by 1 thousand. zł. If it be – expressed in a referendum – will of the majority, the strike is to start 8 kwietnia.Oznacza that his term could coincide with the planned external examinations for April 10, 11 and 12 April will be held the exam high school, and 15, 16 and April 17 – ósmoklasistów exam. Final exams are scheduled to begin Friday 6 maja.W Minister Anna Zalewska appealed to teachers of not interfering with the course exams. “The Central Examination Commission is prepared to conduct examinations in schools already established teams of supervisors. I appeal to all teachers asking for them to be with his disciples” – she said. A few hours later, the head of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz stressed that whether it comes to strike, depends entirely on the head of the Ministry of Education. “If the minister says: + repent + I this appeal treat as an appeal to my colleagues in the government: the Minister of Finance to the Prime Minister for Law and Justice deputies to come to their senses and will not lead to a situation where the crowd of several hundred thousands of teachers, April 8, refuses to work “- he said. About as soon as possible convene the National Security Council of the situation in Ukraine after Russian forces attack on Ukrainian ships turned Tuesday PO chairman Grzegorz Schetyna. “Today, there is no such decision,” – said Spychalski Radio Plus when asked whether the president Andrzej Duda is considering convening of the Council. He added that the situation in Ukraine, the president has done “many steps”. “” Only international pressure can lead to Russia that there will be an escalation of the conflict. From our perspective, the most important is the cooperation in international bodies – whether at the level of the EU, NATO or the UN Security Council. These are the formats that can cause that Russia is going to take further steps and will not conflict escalated in Ukraine “- said the presidential minister.Zaznaczył that Poland shares the position expressed on this matter by the EU, NATO or ONZ.Dopytywany whether the president plans in the near future to submit his visit to Kiev, Spychalski said that “today is not the subject” of such wyjazdu.W connection with the firing of the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait Ukraine declared a state of war. Kiev took the incident as an open aggression of Russia. martial law is expected to take December 26th circuit and concerns along the border with Russia, the separatist Transnistria in Moldova and the Black Sea regions and Azowskim.Schetyna said Tuesday in the “Kropka and over” on TVN24 that “the president is silent” on the situation in Ukraine. According to him, both the president and the government “did not do anything” on Ukraine. “I say this with regret because, email today for our eastern border, a country with which we border, the martial law is after the incident, and indeed it is in conflict with Russia. Today, we must respond “- mówił.Rada National Security is an advisory body to the president; it consists of prime minister, the speakers of the Sejm and Senate, the bosses of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Coordinator. Special services, the head of the National Security Bureau, the head of the Office of the President and the heads of groups political club with parliamentary or a parliamentary or president of these clubs. (PAP) by Maciej Zubel Now this story will go to the president for his signature. Sejm on Friday supported the two amendments proposed to the bill that senators. One of them will allow interested parties to bring an appeal against the decision of the provincial environmental protection inspector ws. The recognition of the product by-product. The new regulations clarify what can be considered a by-product. According to the law, as a byproduct you can specify the residue of the production process, which is not waste. By-product must meet certain conditions, for example. The substance or object may not be harmful to the environment, human life and health. The amendment provides that the recognition or not the object or substance by-product will be an administrative decision, which will marshal, after an opinion by the provincial environmental protection inspector (WIOŚ). To date, the recognition of a by-product of something followed by the so-called. Marshal of tacit consent, which – as pointed authors of the project, the PiS deputies – could lead to the fact that for such a product could be considered hazardous waste. Such waste must be processed with extreme caution and by companies that have adequate facilities. According to the authors of the Act (MPs), as well as the Ministry of the Environment, the recognition of such hazardous waste by-product, by tacit agreement marshal, could cause, that they were not disposed of in a manner safe for humans and the environment. After the change in legislation Marshal in issuing a decision will have to consult each WIOS. If the inspection will issue a negative opinion, Marshall will not be able to recognize a given product or by-product of the substance. According to the novella, Marshal positive decision will be issued for a period not longer than 10 years. (PAP) by Michael Boroń editor Jacek Ensztein Czaputowicz noted in Polsat News that the European Commission wants to extend the project Nord Stream 2 gas directive, which – as he said – ’cause it will not be so beneficial for Gazprom. ” He noted that Poland supports the European position. In turn, the position of Germany rated as “anti-European”. “We raise this issue. It is not only the interests of Polish. It is the interest of the entire European Union, it is also the interest of our partners, such as Ukraine, which calls for not taking this project” – said Czaputowicz talking about Nord Stream 2. Built a few months 2 Nord Stream is a joint venture of Gazprom and five western energy companies – the Austrian OMV, German BASF-Wintershall and Uniper (separated from E.On), Engi French and Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell. The pipeline is to carry on the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, complementing the already existing Nord Stream (Northern Pipeline), inaugurated in the years 2011-12. Part of the EU https://homeworkmarket.me/ countries, including Poland, has reservations about the project, arguing that it will lead to even greater energy dependence of European countries on Russia, and that in this way it will disappear deterrent against even more aggressive actions in Ukraine.

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